On-demand Penetration Testing

What is On-demand Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing services aid in the detection of flaws after a product has been completed. It aids in determining the location of the weakness. The developer must first study and understand the code before determining where to make the patch and ensuring that the remediation is of high quality.

DigiAlert Managed Penetration Testing allows you to conduct exploratory risk analysis and business logic testing without requiring source code, allowing you to routinely identify and remove business-critical vulnerabilities in your live web applications and web services.

Managed Pen Research builds on Managed DAST by using a range of testing methods and in-depth manual checks focused on business logic to uncover vulnerabilities that aren't covered by a canned list of attacks (e.g., OWASP Top 10). We include penetration testing tests in various depths, allowing you to tailor the level of testing to the risk profile of each application being tested.

Importance of On-Demand Penetration

To detect high-risk vulnerabilities in web applications and web services, automated scans, as well as rigorous manual testing, are used. Exploratory risk analysis is the primary focus of this book (e.g., anti-automation, complex authentication).

What Do Our Penetration Services Include?

A penetration test verifies the apps', network infrastructure's, and even team members' cybersecurity defences. Our security testers are ethical hackers who have received extensive training and certification.

 They're experts at spotting cybersecurity flaws and recommending best-practice solutions. Knowing that your apps and network are safe until they are attacked will help you sleep better at night.

Threats To Security Exploration

  • In your code, particularly if it's custom code,
  • Examining the infrastructure of the network
  • Security procedures and response handling are being audited.
  • Services for Pen Testing

Prioritization of Vulnerabilities

  • We don't slam you with a barrage of bugs and demand that you fix them all right away.
  • Instead, our prioritization matrix will assist you in focusing on the most serious vulnerabilities first.
  • This strategy allows us to maximize your return on investment by concentrating our resources in the right areas.

Assessment of Vulnerability Intensity

  • Our penetration testers figure out how to take advantage of each weakness.
  • This will assist you in determining how vulnerable your application and network are.

Resolution & Compliance with Pen Testing Services

  • Our in-depth reports make it easier to communicate findings to management and growth teams.
  • We don't just mention security flaws; we also have best-practice solutions.
  • We help you understand other processes that help harden your cybersecurity defences because effective cybersecurity isn't just about fixing code.

What is the methodology?

Verification of the patch
Strategic mitigation application scanning application analysis
Identification of services and mapping
Strategic mitigation application scanning application analysis

Benefits Of On-Demand Penetration Testing

Flexibility is a virtue
Manage your assessments, plan tests, determine the level of testing you want, and make changes as your business needs change and threats grow.

Focus On All Actionable Things

DigiAlert never send you a laundry list of security flaws. Our experts will conduct a read-out call with the relevant development/security team after each evaluation. On the call, we'll go through each vulnerability discovered during the evaluation, answer any questions your team has, and discuss practical mitigation and remediation strategies. We have done a lot of work in the testing for session fixation. Our clients have given us five star rating in the services provided and have also recommended us to others.

How to DigiAlert Help You With On-Demand Penetration Testing?

Here are benefits of conducting a PT on any infrastructure:

  • Increased exposure:It helps to raise the organization's profile. It aids in the understanding of discrepancies, shortcomings (in cyber words, vulnerabilities), and various methods for mitigating them.
  • Gaining a better understanding of the global cyber landscape:Such exercises also allow management/stakeholders to see the PT team's excellent TTP (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures). It also allows for the purchase/lease of new software/hardware to help mitigate the current cyber climate.
  • Assists users in becoming more conscious of their surroundings and receiving instruction:The exercise's reports and results will assist the company and its staff learn from their mistakes, spread knowledge about best practices, and train employees.
  • Always be one step ahead of the competition:Staying ahead of the curve can be accomplished by using the most up-to-date technologies and techniques. PTs or similar activities performed regularly will assist in recognizing differences and understanding the organization's posture. Even though security can never be 100%, VAPT plays a critical role in reducing the effect a threat actor can have on the organization.

Why Choose DigiAlert?

Real-time reporting

  • Our summaries would be useful to you: suitable for reporting to management
  • All high-risk vulnerabilities discovered must be reported immediately.
  • For each weakness, you get best-practice solutions.
  • Your team will save time by not having to do additional analysis.

Customized test plans

  • So you know what you're doing and when you'll get it
  • The certainty that will assist you in incorporating AppSec into your development cycle.
  • Assists you in avoiding bill shock.
  • Allows you to put money into other important business needs.

 Protect your application and network with a managed service

  • Regular vulnerability assessments and complete pen tests that correspond to the sprints are important.
  • Control your cash flow with affordable monthly subscriptions.
  • Create a security culture and monitor progress accurately.

We Can Serve You Better!

Penetration monitoring has a high rate of false negatives. As a result, penetration testing services are an activity that can take days or even a week to complete. Penetration monitoring services can only be performed at the end of a period, delaying release if findings are discovered and incurring new costs each time a test is conducted. If you are looking for an organisation that helps you with the latest trends in penetration testing then give us a call and the team of DigiAlert will help you out.

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