VOIP Penetration testing

VOIP Security Assessment will help you find security vulnerabilities in your VOIP infrastructure that are often overlooked by conducting a thorough security review of your VOIP infrastructure's configuration to ensure that your systems are not vulnerable to adversarial attacks.

Organizations use VoIP Communications systems for day-to-day communication. We can exploit VoIP if it is vulnerable to a publicly known or unknown vulnerability. The VoIP evaluation is carried out with various test cases based on the VoIP infrastructure, providing security assurance to the organization.

Attacks by cybercriminals on the organization's publicly accessible critical infrastructure, such as VoIP telephone networks. Between the phone's inbound and outbound connections, the attacker executes a man-in-the-middle attack. The attacker will listen in on incoming or outgoing calls using such spells. If network devices are susceptible to weak passwords or bugs, cybercriminals may access the internal VoIP network.

 After assessing the scope of work and preparing a comprehensive report with vulnerabilities information and recommendations, DigiAlert Technologies evaluates VoIP network penetration testing for detecting VoIP network vulnerabilities.

What is our Methodology?

  • Mapping of application 
  • Scopes and service identification
  • Application for reconnaissance and enumeration 
  • SCA vulnerability detection 
  • Strategic mitigation after exploitation
  • Verification of the patch

The initial stage has a broad scope. Scoping protects data and records by identifying and restricting access. It allows the problems to be mapped out for future procedures.

The IT systems within an organization are sorted out by mapping and operation. It increases benefits by identifying the source of problems and improvements in the IT infrastructure.

Reconnaissance is a set of processes and methods used to find and gather data about a targeted system in a confidential manner.

It refers to the stages of operation that occur after an attacker breaches the system. The size of all stored data and how the hacker could attack it determine the value of the abused system.

When all of the information is collected, the testers can better identify security flaws and take preventative measures.

Internal or external network scanning, determining network ranges, pinging devices, and port scanning singular systems are all examples of scanning with a specific goal of discovering open ports.

The different test studies performed in VOIP penetration testing.

To provide the client with the requisite security assurance about his VoIP infrastructure, every VoIP evaluation should follow a list of specific checks. A checklist also prevents the pentester from failing to run such tests, resulting in preliminary evaluations. We've compiled a list of attacks in a particular order of execution that I use in every engagement after years of performing this type of evaluation.

  • VLAN hopping from a data network to a voice network is VoIP-001.
  • Extension Enumeration & Number Harvesting (VoIP-002)
  • VoIP-003 – SIP Authentication Capture
  • Eavesdropping Calls (VoIP-004)
  • VoIP-012 – Analysis of Phone Firmware
  • Manipulation of Signaling (VoIP-007)
  • VoIP-008 – Identifying untrustworthy providers
  • Testing for Default Credentials (VoIP-009)
  • VoIP-010 – Weaknesses at the application level
  • Voice Mail Attacks (VoIP-011)
  • RTP injection (VoIP-006)
  • CallerID spoofing (VoIP-005)

What are the different benefits of VOIP of penetration testing?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and unified communications are modern telecommunications technologies that many organizations use to meet their current business needs. However, they may introduce additional potential security threats on several levels, such as toll fraud, call tracking, unauthorized recording and listening to phone calls, and gaining access to internal telecommunications systems. Furthermore, several VoIP devices are now distributed online, potentially increasing the risk of being attacked by adversaries who might be able to listen in on private phone calls.

  • Determine if an attacker might exploit vulnerabilities in your VOIP systems to compromise the infrastructure.
  • Learn about the dangers that adversaries might face if they compromise your VoIP systems.
  • Determine the current state of your VoIP infrastructure's stability
  • Protect yourself from voice phishing and identity theft scams.

How can we help you?

VoIP systems often operate outside of standard network security controls to allow the proper operation of VoIP devices. DigiAlert Technologies will help you secure your system's SIP and H.323 endpoints while also protecting you against toll fraud.

Insights from the trenches 

finding attack surfaces in the application and identifying any aspect that could be exploited. The application's insight can be used to identify crucial flaws.


Identifying the application's weaknesses. Identifying high-risk vulnerabilities and developing a strategy to address them.

Insights from the trenches 

finding attack surfaces in the application and identifying any aspect that could be exploited. The application's insight can be used to identify crucial flaws.

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Why choose us?

A comprehensive approach to penetration testing that includes security checklists focused on industry standards such as OWASP Top Ten, PCI Compliance, and NIST 800-53, as well as business logic vulnerabilities.

Customers have used DigiAlert Technologies to identify high-risk business vulnerabilities such as authentication, authorization, and business logic flaws that could lead to a data breach. Our application pentest services help enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses improve their security posture without investing a million dollars.

Cyber attacks on VoIP telephone systems can include capturing inbound and outbound calls via network manipulation, recording or listening in on calls, gaining access to internal networks via voice VLANS, and using the network to make outbound calls, among other things (toll fraud)

For a risk-free life, give us a call today.

To evaluate the extent of your protection, we will analyze your network infrastructure, VoIP modules, and authentication mechanisms, as well as their ability to prevent manipulation between your clients and VoIP server. We will then include a comprehensive report and suggestions for resolving issues and vulnerabilities.

We are fortunate to have a team of professionals with a range of accreditations around the cybersecurity service provision for our Penetration Testing Services. CREST, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), CHECK (Qualified Team Leaders), GWAPT (GIAC Web Application Penetration Testers), and CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) consultants are among those who have earned these certifications.

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