Red team services

Don't wait until a real-world cybercriminal assault to discover your security flaws. DigiAlert's Red Team services allow you to run a "live fire" Red Team cyber security test to find (and repair) flaws in your protection before hostile actors do.
The Red Team security services from DigiAlert will mimic an assault on your network, demonstrating how your personnel and security processes will perform under duress when it comes to protecting your company's data.
A simulated cyber-attack is the closest you can go to understanding how equipped your organisation is to defend against a skilled and persistent hacker out of all the available cyber security evaluations.
Depth and scope are the key distinctions between the Red and Penetration Tests. Pen Tests are meant for identifying and exploiting as many vulnerabilities as possible over a short period of time, whereas red teaming is a weeks-long, profound examination aiming at detecting and answering organisations and achieving targets, such as data exfiltration.

What do we offer at DigiAlert?

Without the Real-World Consequences, Experience a Real-World Attack
We'll hold no punches when it comes to Red Teaming, providing you a realistic assault simulation that feels just like a security danger.

What are the benefits of Red team?

Examine your reaction to an attack

Learn how prepared your company is to respond to a targeted attack meant to put people and technology to the test.

Identify and categorise security threats

Find out if your systems, data, and other vital assets are in jeopardy and how easily they could be attacked by attackers.

Find out about hidden flaws

Red reaming can assist detect hidden weaknesses that attackers can try to exploit by imitating the newest hostile methods.

Make future investments a priority

Improve your understanding of your company's security flaws and ensure that future expenditures yield the best results.

Address the risks that have been identified

Receive critical post-operation assistance to address any vulnerabilities discovered and reduce the risk of real-world attacks.

Improve the effectiveness of the blue team

Red team testing lets your security team find and address holes in threat coverage and visibility by simulating a variety of scenarios.

What is our methodology?

The DigiAlert Red Team employs a process that is systematic, repeatable, and reproducible. We start by developing the following fundamental information and engagement rules in partnership with the organization's leadership team:

  • Is the red team starting with information about your surroundings (white box) or with no knowledge at all (black box)?
  •  What kind of information does DigiAlert have on high-risk assets and vulnerabilities in your industry?
  •  What goals do you want the red team to achieve in order to simulate a real-world attack?

The red team begins by doing initial reconnaissance once the goals have been established. To execute reconnaissance of the target environment, DigiAlert uses a combination of proprietary information repositories, open-source intelligence (OSINT) technologies, and tactics.
DigiAlert exploits vulnerabilities or conducts a social engineering attack to obtain initial access to the target environment, then uses techniques utilised by real-world attackers to obtain privileged access to these systems.
By building a command and control infrastructure, the red team strives to increase privileges in order to establish and maintain persistence within the environment.

What help do we offer?

  • Assess your security team's ability to respond to a cyber attack.
  •  Prepare your staff to respond more effectively to future cyber-attacks
  • Calculate how much work it would take to compromise your sensitive data or IT infrastructure.
  • Detect and mitigate sophisticated security flaws before they are exploited by an attacker.
  • Receive a risk analysis that is based on facts, as well as ideas for improvement.

Vulnerability Assessment

DigiAlert helps you manage risk and improve your security posture by performing accurate internal and external assessments, both authenticated and non-authenticated, across network devices, servers, endpoints, web applications, and databases, on premise or in the cloud. Intelligence is a tool that helps people make better decisions. Intelligence must be actionable. Artificial Intelligence (AI) aids in the interpretation of data.

Penetration testing

DigiAlert accurately simulates difficult attack scenarios carried out by our team of ethical hackers who are well-versed in the most cutting-edge techniques used by attackers. You will receive an actionable report on the findings, exploitation outcomes, and recommendations at the conclusion of the project.

Forensic Analysis

To discover the root cause and consequences of an incident, DigiAlert digital forensics experts use a variety of approaches, including decryption, advanced system searches, reverse engineering, and other data analytics. Our professionals use industry best practises and chain of custody to protect the evidence.

Our expertise

Our Red Team has conducted assessments for a wide range of firms, including Fortune 100 and regional organisations, in a variety of industries, including finance, gaming, health, and cloud. Synopsys has helped these companies enhance their security posture by identifying risks that standard penetration tests miss. The capacity of threat agents to steal data, syphon revenue, or inflict other damage to their firm is dramatically reduced when risks are identified and mitigated.

Why choose us?

DigiAlert Red Team Services (RTS) conducts in-depth, high-quality, and personalised security assessments employing dozens of proprietary tools and algorithms, as well as large-scale advanced threat analysis using a dynamic, resilient database of malicious code.
To enhance our assessment capabilities, we incorporate deep research into our services, from the discovery of breakthrough technologies to the construction of custom-made malware and exploits.
DigiAlert conducts a thorough analysis of your security environment in order to identify any existing flaws and eliminate the most critical vulnerabilities from your most important assets. We can assist you with both short-term and long-term strategic planning.
Our approaches and processes draw on over two decades of cybersecurity knowledge to assist you avoid risk while limiting your investments in order to establish a strong security posture. We work as an extension of your internal security team, tailoring our services to your specific requirements.

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