Microsoft Azure Penetration Testing

Azure's frameworks give a design for the creation of virtual machines, networks and applications, although they are owned and accessed by the end customer. It is also essential that your cases on Azure also receive normal security assessments or evaluations to ensure the safety of important resources. The majority of online apps are innovative and progressive on the cloud. This boosts the safety and cloud safety of the application.

What is Microsoft azure penetration testing?

Penetration testing in the Azure cloud differs significantly from on-premises testing. This diverse set of technologies frequently causes problems with security architecture and configuration, as well as the penetration testing method itself.
However, integrating new technologies introduces new security vulnerabilities. You may uncover and mitigate these security risks, including those unique to your private cloud, by penetration testing your Azure cloud system.
During research, DigiAlert often discovers Zero Day vulnerabilities in a wide range of apps. We collaborate with suppliers to address concerns and provide the necessary information in a timely manner.

Azure penetration testing tools that we use

Penetrating tools for Azure can assist you in identifying security flaws in your Azure implementation.
Here are some open source tools that you can use:
  • Azucar is a plugin-based multi-threaded tool for auditing Azure environments. It gathers various configuration data automatically and examines all data linked with a certain Azure subscription. The information is then used to reveal the security threats that are present.
  • MicroBurst is a sophisticated set of functions and scripts for attacking Azure environments and determining their security. It allows for weak configuration audits, Azure Service discovery, and a variety of post-exploitation tasks.
  • PowerZure is a PowerShell script that may be used to perform both reconnaissance and exploitation on Microsoft Azure. It includes a number of attack components and functions for a number of objectives, such as operational activities, data exfiltration, and credential dumps.
  • Stormspotter is a tool used to create a "attack graph" for Azure and Azure Active Directory objects. It improves visibility into the attack surface, making it easier for pentesters and red teams to spot security flaws.
  • The Cloud Security Suite (cs-suite) is a comprehensive tool for evaluating the security posture of different cloud computing services.
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What are the features of Azure penetration testing?

For skilled users, Azure includes a number of security features. Microsoft also makes a point of closely adhering to compliance and undertakes third-party audits on a regular basis. While this is an excellent place to start, it is ultimately the duty of each user to ensure stability and security.
The Azure services provide the framework for creating virtual machines, networks, and applications, but they are ultimately owned by the end user. As a result, it's critical that your Azure instances undergo regular security assessments in order to protect your most valuable assets.

What do we offer to the clients?

See DigiAlert's Security Vulnerability releases for further information on vulnerability disclosures, warnings, and reports. It describes the security flaws found in online applications, thick client software, and massive business firmware. The documentation also includes the mitigation remedies for the vulnerabilities, their descriptions, as well as DigiAlert's proof of concepts and security exposure data.
As of June 2017, conducting penetration tests on Azure services does not require prior authorisation. While this saves time during the pre-engagement phase, there are still a lot of things to think about before you test your Azure network.
It's vital to know that certain assessment procedures aren't allowed on Azure to protect other users. Some are more visibly damaging, such as launching DoS assaults against the server.
Scanning an out-of-scope service or running a scanner that generates excessive traffic, for example, can have unforeseen negative consequences for Azure users.

Our methodology

Client Portal with Dedicated Support
On our user-friendly client site, interact in real-time with your DIgiSec security pros and see as the team closes in on your company's data.
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Why choose us?

We assist you in securing your vital data on the Azure platform while maintaining compliant with Microsoft's standards, which is both important and difficult. We go into the cloud architecture and discover a number of attack vectors, ranging from the network layer of cloud design to cloud-aware apps operating on virtual data centres or virtual development centres. Web authentication portals that make API requests to cloud service providers are part of cloud security. Azure penetration testing allows you to take use of many of the benefits of traditional penetration tests while also adhering to Microsoft's guidelines.

How can choosing our Azure services help you?

Identification of critical digital information assets' security risks and vulnerabilities.
A real attacker simulates real-life actual threat attacks using strategies and strategies.
Attacks that are risk managed and regulated in order to avoid real damage are simulated.
Assess a company's capacity to recognise, respond to, and prevent complex threats.
With the use of thorough vulnerability reports, you may assess the effectiveness of your current security team.
Testing for efficient use of available resources to fulfil security requirements
Assist in the advancement of technology and the implementation of essential changes to protect your digital assets.
All stakeholders/employees within the organisation have a better understanding of security.
Enterprises may develop security policies based on the dangers detected, resulting in increased accountability for all stakeholders. Change business processes and procedures to meet the enterprise's security needs.
Assist with the selection of technology at the enterprise level to fulfil the organization's unique security goals.
Assisting in the removal of deceptive and false confidence
DigiAlert is a digital, physical, and social attack surface reduction organisation that teaches clients, analyses security issues, informs wise business choices, and helps you to decrease your attack surface.
Before allowing hostile parties to do it for you, test the efficiency of your own security safeguards. We take pleasure in being unique, and we recognise that your company and its requirements are as well.

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