Firewall Security Assessment & Configuration Audit

Firewall Analyzer offers detailed firewall compliance reporting and may be used to audit the security of firewalls. This report allows the firewall rules to be configured which restrict potentially risky network access and only allow the needed network hosts. The report lists all security problems associated with the firewall, functioning as an audit tool for firewall security. This audit firewall settings tool audes the total security of the firewall and gives a full analysis of firewall settings. It also offers a firewall audit report and a safety audit firewall checklist with a security rating overall.
DigiAlert is a cyber security firm. We provide in-depth firewall evaluations for your company to evaluate the setup and effectiveness of your network protection. We ensure that your cyber security measures fulfil your company's technological needs as well as regulatory standards.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a mechanism that protects a private network against unauthorised access. You may create a firewall either using hardware or software, or a mix of both. Unauthorized internet users, including intranets, cannot access private internet-connected networks by firewalls. All messages entering or leaving the intranet (the local network to which you are attached) should be firewalled, checking every message and blocking those that do not satisfy set security standards

The word "network security" encompasses a wide range of technology, equipment, and procedures. It is a collection of rules and configurations that use software and hardware technologies to safeguard the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of computer networks and data. Every business should have some network security measures in place to protect itself from the rising landscape of cyber attacks that are occurring throughout the world.

What is a firewall audit?

Due to standards like SOX, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA, network security audits have lately gained a lot of traction. Even if you don't have to meet any of these requirements, your business connections with partners or customers may need you to demonstrate that your network is secure. Firewall audits, on the other hand, are recommended for a very good reason when it comes to compliance requirements. They boost your chances of detecting flaws in your network security posture and identifying areas where your rules might be adjusted

You have no chance of being successful when it comes time to audit your network if you don't know what's in it. As a result, before going through an Associate in Nursing audit, make sure you gather all necessary security policies and firewall logs (and then compare the logs to the firewall rule base to see what's really being utilised). Verify that you have a network and firewall topology diagram. Gather any past audit documents, as well as firewall rules, objects, and policy updates. Examine the essential firewall marketer data, as well as the OS version, the most recent patches, and the default configuration.

What is included in the firewall audits?

Our firewall evaluation service ensures that your firewall is properly configured — it's a check of your existing situation. DigiAlert examines your network to see if any unneeded rules have been set up that might expose your company's confidential information. It also analyses the existing ruleset to see whether any rules have been replaced, are obsolete, or pose a security concern. The lack of a deny all firewall rule or policy rule, or the feared “Allow all”!!! is an example of these rulesets.
DigiAlert ' firewall assessment service comprises a review of your firewall's features and their applications to see if there are any areas that might be improved.
At DigiAlert , we go above and above for all of our customers. To do this, our firewall evaluation goes a step further, examining the technical efficacy of not just inbound communications, but also egress (outbound) traffic. We recognise that the bulk of contemporary advanced threats are directed at users, thus it's critical that we assess the network's level of perimeter control to the internet. This analysis helps us to assess the dangers that may arise as well as ensure that your company's configuration is successful.

Why choose us?

  • Stateful inspection, for example, is a standard firewall capability.
  • Intrusion prevention that is coordinated
  • To detect and disable harmful applications, you need to be aware of what's going on with the applications you're using.
  • Upgrade channels to accommodate future data streams
  • Techniques for dealing with ever-changing security risks

DigiAlert  believes in comprehensive security, thus the technical, business, and device aspects of the firewall line of defence are all given similar weight. A complete report is delivered at the conclusion of the review process, which contains every last detail regarding the firewall environment's flaws, as well as repair methods for the findings and a complete configuration evaluation of the firewall ruleset encompassing line-by-line assessment results.

How can we help you?

  • With full environmental knowledge, you can figure out which assets are the most vulnerable.
  • Intelligent security automation establishes policies and strengthens your defences dynamically, allowing you to react quickly to assaults.
  • With network and endpoint event correlation, you can better detect evasive or suspicious activities.
  • Retrospective security, which checks for suspicious activity and behaviour after the first inspection, reduces the time between detection and cleaning.
Policies that defend throughout the whole threat continuum simplify administration and decrease complexity. Today's firewalls are far more complicated than those of the past. Firewalls are used in modern businesses to deal with complicated networking and remote access.
DigiAlert 's Firewall Configuration Review provides an insider's view of the system, with complete access to its configuration, with the goal of offering the best possible review result and thereby achieving maximum security at the perimeter. DigiAlert thoroughly examines the firewall's whole setup against industry best practises, including PCI-DSS and Center for Internet Security recommendations, and verifies compliance.
DigiAlert believes in comprehensive security, thus the technical, business, and device aspects of the firewall line of defence are all given similar weight.

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